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100% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol

Chemtools 100% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol(also referred to as Isopropanol) is a commonly used solvent that will quickly clean a variety of soils, such as flux residues, light oils, polar, organic and ionic residues. It is suitable for use on magnetic tape heads, optical and precision instruments and printed circuit boards. It does not contain CFCs or chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene.


  • Clean contact connections such as on electrical devices and in cars
  • Clean tape and disk heads (floppy drives, tape players, video cassette records, tape drives)
  • For Cleaning laser lenses (cd /dvd /bluray drives)
  • Clean CPUs before applying thermal grease (also useful for removing old thermal grease)
  • Cleaning mobile phones (smart phones, tablets and other consumer electronics)
  • Cleaning LCD monitors (Read manufacturers manual before applying)
  • Cleaning negatives
  • A release agent for glues (for example hot melt glue used in paintless dent removal) and many more uses ...

Chemtools Isopropanol is flammable and should not be sprayed onto live electrical equipment or other sources of possible ignition. 

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